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CNC Milling

Nittany CNC uses GibbsCAM programming software and specializes in the production of parts in 3 + 2 setups and full 5-axis machining.

Even if it isn’t required for your part, this process allows us to machine multiple sides of a part in a single setup which leads to better overall tolerances, repeatability, and lower cost, due to the reduction in setups.

All of our machines also use intelligent probing and tool setters to increase accuracy and speed. For small or complex-to-hold parts, we also extensively utilize custom soft jaws and fixtures as part of our process.

Standard Tolerances

Our equipment is very well maintained and routinely holds ±.0002 with a 32 finish.


Nittany CNC utilizes various manual equipment to facilitate our production processes comprising of, vertical knee mill, lathe, sanders, grinders, and saws.

  • 3 HAAS VF4SS vertical mills with 2 single station vises and a TRT210 trunnion, 50” x 20” x 25” of travel.
  • 1 HAAS VF2SSYT vertical mill with 3 dual station vises, 30” x 20” x 20” of travel.
  • 1 HAAS TM3p vertical mill with 2 single station vises and a TRT210 trunnion, 40” x 20” x 16” of travel.
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